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Welcome to chips x dip

Before I begin introducing myself, I would like to inform my readers that this is NOT a food blog. Will I be snacking on chips and dip in the wee hours of the morning as I craft the perfect blog post? Possibly. But chips x dip has no affiliation to Chipotle, Mo's, or dare I say Taco Bell. The name chips x dip came from my obsession with sitting at Home Depot in the paint section looking at the paint chips and trying to decide on the perfect white and I have put a coat of paint to my walls at least three times in the last four years because I was bored of white!

I started chips x dip in the hopes of creating something with my sister along the lines of home design on a budget. She, being the younger sister and not wanting to be in my shadow, had other ideas (thevisualconsultant), so we parted ways amicably (through gritted teeth) and then there was me, trying to figure out how to transform my abode on a snack-sized budget.

So get comfortable with your favorite snack bowl, because this may be the most entertaining flop you've ever seen. Follow the trail.

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