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Resurrecting a Half Dead Living Room Project

Hey all! I have not been ghosting you, I have been busy fulfilling other creative avenues that provide some income. I am back now, with very little time to prepare for the next challenge, and I must say, that is what got me into trouble with this room the last time!

In five days, another One Room Challenge will be launching and none of my materials have come in yet (aka your girl has ordered nothing because I am just now finalizing what I actually want my living room to look like. I will save the shopping list for another post, but for now, lets get a look at my Spoak inspo board and ROUGH layout of the space as well as my inspo.

The house in the inspo pic above belongs to Troye Sivan. I have no idea who this Gen Z performer is, but bravo on your house choices. I love how the black accents are paired with warm colors and textures and gives a very soulful earthy vibe. It felt like this color combo would work well with complimenting the colors in Blakeney's Tigress wallpaper I have in the dining room .

Proportionally, it is off. I have been putting off designing this in Spoak for a looooong time, so I didn't get super detailed with measurements due to time. But what I really wanted to see was how the colors would tie into the moody dining room from last season's challenge and I have to say, I LOVE this look so much. I have most of the components in this space already, it will be mostly be painting and 2 small builds in this space (plus finding a high traffic rug ---bleck, not my forte).

The biggest challenge I have is how long the room is. The openings to the space are also asymmetrically placed on opposite sides of the room, so I have to live with the fact that nothing is centered. Here's what my schedule is looking like:

  • Week 1 - April 5th - Paint

  • Week 2 - April 12th - Paint some more

  • Week 3 - April 19th - Almost done with painting

  • Week 4 - April 26th - Coffee Table

  • Week 5 - May 3rd - Console

  • Week 6 - May 10th - Console bench

  • Week 7 - May 17th - Styling

  • Week 8 - May 24th - 28th - FINALE

Because I am just coming off of a 4 day run of a high school production, I am looking to for minimal effort here, but a big impact. I am heading to Home Depot this week to pick out paints and then debating on how I want to prep the space. Annnnnnd I have to be mindful that my kids are going to want to play in there. Let's hope I don't overdo.

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