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Pencil Reed Motifs | ORC Week 4

We are at the halfway mark of the One Room Challenge and I am nearly complete with the console. If you are subscribe to the blog, you would have received first dibs on the bench reveal. I couldn't be more happy with how this turned out, considering I just ended up biting the bullet and painting the whole design onto the fabric free hand.

This Week

The last thing I need to build for this console are the doors. When I first built this console, I had envisioned it having fluted doors. No one was getting pole wrap at the time when the pandemic first hit, but I had to save up to buy and as soon as I was ready, BOOM it became super popular and I was left finding radio weave cane as an alternative.

Unfortunately, the boys picked at it until it became a hazard. Also the Ivar doors have a weird gap when you close them so that was super frustrating as well. Rather than buy wood and spend days cutting all that wood down, I decided to just rip up the cane and frame I had around it (what was I thinking?) and troubleshoot ways to close the gap and "de-uglify" it.


I found this Gabriella Crespi inspired coffee table at a Goodwill Boutique last year for $20 covered in pencil reed. The light went off for me and I was on the hunt again for pencil reed. I was only able to find two pounds of it in the size I wanted, so I am hoping I can get two doors done with it to see how much more I will need for the other two.

The doors will be the most expensive project that I actually do as one pound of the larger reed was $20 when I bought it (it's now almost $40). I want to mimic the design on the table and then paint it black of course. I haven't decided whether I not I want the handles to be apart of the pencil reed design or if I want to use metal (have you all caught on that I am sort of winging it?)

Action Items
  • Remove old cane from doors

  • Sand sides of door

  • Nail reed and square dowels onto the doors

  • Clean and sand coffee table

  • Paint table and doors

  • Order more reed if needed

  • Handles

Budget List

Let's Get to Work

Before the start of Week 4 I began the arduous process of plucking a bazillion staples out of the doors and then removing the cane. Then I sanded the sides down to get rid of as much of the leftover cane and glue I used to keep the edges clean.

Paint stripping the table was a waste of time. After two coats, nothing scrubbed off. So I am attempting (even though my research says it is not recommended for pencil reed) to lightly sand it. The bummer is I really wanted some wood tones somewhere, but it looks like I will have to paint it instead.

I really have to kick it into high gear as there is just a few weeks left before its time for me to start styling the space for Week 8. Stay with me y'all. We'll be coming in for a landing soon.

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