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One Room Challenge Week 4 | Let There Be Light P.2

If you are reading this, you stuck with me through my design spiral of woe and doom. Getting the week started with finishing up this light fixture and the accents. This is where I left off from last week in the One Room Challenge:

I am shocked at the positive feedback I got on this variation, unless it was that positive feedback you give your three year old, then oof! Now, let's retrace our steps starting with what inspired me in the first place to build this light.

The Inspo

I took a look at my original components and my Pinterest. Not a bad idea. Just not the right size. But how could I use the materials I had to give me the visual proportions I needed? I just needed to start playing around with it to see what I liked.

The Color

I made another paper mache bowl (and finally used up the last of the egg cartons!) I gave it several coats of some leftover Rust-oleum black spray paint on the outside and decided instead of the Ink Blue from Rust-oleum also, I used some leftover 24 karat gold spray paint which ended up looking decent and not cheap (I mean at $20 a spray can it better look luxe!) I still couldn't find a 24-26" basket so I made the choice to just remove it because it was not working for me visually.

The Build

Assembling the shade took some trial and error, but I will not bore you with my thought process and just tell you how assemble this lamp, should you try this at your own emotional risk.

If you look at the instruction for the light, everything has to be assembled before you connect it to the wires. That meant I had to assemble the lamp shade before electrical installation. This also meant it was going to be a two person job, aka my husband got to help, which he is always chomping at the bit to do.

I don't have any images of this, but I do have video that I am editing currently so hopefully this all makes sense to you in the meantime. While the lamp is still disassembled, work backwards with each piece and then reattach the nut to the base to hold everything in place. Then follow the manual instructions. You should be able to move the shade around to reach the screws near the top of the lamp.

The Accents

I DIYed these sconces months ago (you can go view my instructions on domino. Please don't judge me on my dining room mid-process. I know it was bad.)

I sprayed them with leftover Cobalt Blue from Rust-oleum. Directional lighting will come later in this challenge when I start styling the room in week 7. I am still unsure where the best place to put these, but for now it is going where I need light right now. Visually, there is no symmetry in the placement currently, which is why I said during week 2 I wasn't sure if this room would be the final stop for these sconces. But meh, I love them!

The Reveal

I will be getting started with painting the curio case this week and hope to have some progress shots next week! Onward and upward!

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