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ORC Midweek | Waiting for paint to dry

Happy Saturday and midweek 5 of the One Room Challenge! Saying that out loud gives me hives. I have so many things to share with you (none of these projects are done mind you for one simple reason which I will share momentarily.) Today, I will be out at a bachelorette party, and I needed to make sure most of the stuff I would be working on in week 6 was built, primed and ready. Below are some of the snack-sized projects I was able to tackle over the last three days before my week of DIYing is essentially over.

Snack Numero Uno: Pencil Reed Coffee Table

Let me reintroduce you to this beauty. The inspiration for the console doors I have yet to complete. I wanted to strip this and stain it a nice warm honey color, but alas this pretty thing had way too much class and sass to bare all so instead I lightly sanded her and then give her a new coat.

Pencil Reed Coffee table

pencil reed coffee table upside down about to be primed

primed pencil reed coffee table in front of a canvas backdrop outside

Once it was primed, I was ready to use my Wagner Control Pro 130 (not sponsored but it's worth reviewing this product), but because this tool is primarily used for large projects, I needed to finish any other projects that would need to be painted so that I could spray paint them all in one go. So I paused on the table and moved onto some other ventures.

Snack Numero Dos: The Makings of a Chess Table

What originally started off as a simple side table turned into an idea to make it a chess table. My parents had a custom chess table that I have found memories of as a kid. I was inspired to make a smaller version of this table from Taxa Official and remembered I never used the wooden balls I had set aside for the dining table.

drilling a whole into a wooden ball

18 inch wooden round

wooden balls placed on wooden round table top

wooden side table

I may try making this piece again and actually giving a step by step tutorial, but as this is my first one, I am waiting to see how structurally sound this will be, haha. While I intend to stain this, I may paint it if staining goes awry since I am dealing with two different woods. Then I will finish it off with a painted chessboard on top.

Snack Numero Tres: Painting the Foyer

The foyer is a visible part of the living room and so I included it in this challenge (if I don't end up being able to finish it, I will deny any involvement in the matter). I intend to carry the current mural all the way up to the ceiling and over the coat closet, but first I needed to paint the door. It is the only thing I waited on for paint to dry, and there will still be more painting.

So needless to say, next week is going to be a major painting session and I hope to be able to include 2 pairs of cabinet doors in the mix. I hope this appetizer has you ready for the main course next week. See you Wednesday.

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