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One Room Challenge Week Six | Propogation Bar P.3

Hey all! I am nearing the finish line! Week Six is here with no signs of stopping, and I thought I would do a recap of what week five looked like before we move on to the challenges for this new week.

Y'all, finding those ever-loving furniture legs for that cabinet was no easy task. Still I kept my mind open to the possibility of having to switch styles if I was unsuccessful (which was the case). I searched Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, Amazon, Etsy, Naaaadaaa. I even went to an antique shop and they were offering to do the labor for me which I do not have the coin for.

I eventually stumbled across these last chance Stocksund legs from Ikea and decided to go for it. I tried a few different colors but landed on black. Since these were custom made for Ikea furniture, I had to find mounting plates to help secure the legs. Don't make the same mistake I did, make sure you take a leg to the store and have the bolt measured so you get the right sized plate because Ikea is a tricksey hobbitses and uses metric.

Once mounted, I added a 7" piece of wood to the back of the cabinet because I wanted the cabinet to sit out that much so that all of its glass sides were visible. Then filled in the seam, and painted it with a mix of Behr's Black Mocha and some satin varnish. Then it was reassembling time! I was so glad to have these pieces back together. I swapped out the old light fixture (it smelled like sardines when you turned it on) and added some grow light strips to it. I put the old door knobs back on for now and said it "It is good".

The Reveal

This is a short post, but I am so pleased with how this came out, especially since my whole family came down with either the flu or sinus infections by the end of week 5! I will probably go back with my chop saw and cut the legs down some because the case sits a little too high for me now. With one week left before I really need to start putting everything together, I have decided to just focus my attention on completing the plant throne this week once I am better.

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