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One Room Challenge Week Five | Propogation Bar P. 2

I cannot, CANNOT believe I only have three weeks left of this challenge! As prepared as I was, life threw so many curve balls, I swear it was illegal. I am going to have to start dabbling in a second project during the fifth week just to make sure I have time for styling (which I hope to be having a special guest for) in the final week. Anyway, I like to keeps these posts under five minutes because I am sure you are ALL busy with your own One Room Challenge projects.

The Color

So where did we last leave off with this bar? Oh yes, I painted the bookcases and added trim to the top to give it a built in look. Middle of the way through week four I got brave and decided to figure out how to use my husband's Wagner paint sprayer.

After about 20 minutes of YouTubing and priming this machine, it took less than 5 minutes to apply a second coat on the curio cabinet. Thank God, because I needed to get myself back on schedule before the start of this week.

The Build

As you can see, I need to add height to this little hobbit among wizards and elves but the base of it was inset about 6 inches behind the curved trim board so adding legs would be tricky. Thankfully, I had some leftover plywood, traced the base and nailed it in place with my Ryobi nail gun (omg I love that thing).

The Inspo

This week my to do items consist of my plant throne and making the legs for my dining room table because next week I gotta start plant shopping! With the bar nearly done, I am also on the hunt for some legs and here are a few I am interested in. Vote for your favorite below!

Metal Art Deco
Some sort of spindle
Ball and Claw foot

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