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Living Room Moodboard | ORC Week 1

It has been two years since I first attempted to do a One Room Challenge on this room, and I haven't made much progress in those two years. With this being the last summer before I take my youngest out of childcare until he is ready for pre-k, I figured I would go all out trying to finish this room with my last few months of freedom. So let's have a look at the disaster we are working with and what the needs are.

tan leather west elm sofa surrounded by pencil reed coffee table and two black arm chairs and ikea rug

Depressing, right? My family is in here all of the time, but aside from the toys spilling out, it looks cold in here. The thrifted Hamilton sofa by West Elm looks sad and frumpy due to growing boys using it as a launch pad. But since a new couch is out of the budget right now, I really want to warm it up with some color, so I will be using some Angelus leather paint once again. The coffee table will need to be stripped and repainted and I really want a new rug and some cool artwork as well as figure out where to put more family photos.

I also want to add more greenery around the sides and my large curio cabinet will be going back in the corner next to the sofa. The ceiling will be getting some color treatment as well and I am still on the fence if I want to carry that color over onto the console wall. Speaking of the console...there are several things I need to finish with that piece: add doors so all of these toys are hidden, paint the new shelf, and recut the countertop where the bench is (as well as finish the bench.) Finally, some wall lighting so that we can finally get rid of the floor lamp Keith broke nearly four years ago.


I really want to continue this afro-scandinavian 1970s vibe in the living room, paying close attention to how it will frame the middle passage room and the Florida room in the back.

The Layout

In case you missed last week's post on my sketch up of the living room on Spoak, here is a rough idea of what I plan to do with the room.

You will also notice some treatment done to the entryway. Not sure if I will have time to redo the mural on that wall, but hey, I can dream. Anyway, there isn't much I can do this week because the boys are out for Spring Break, uuuuuugh. Also, we have been in the process of replacing an old vehicle with an older vehicle, replacing my phone so that I can get my post up on IG, aaaaand trying to find my missing wallet, so busy is an understatement. But I should be back next week with some progress shots and hopefully I have picked out the color by then.

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