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In the Trenches | Week 6 ORC

If week 5 could be summed up into one word it would be TRENCHES. All of you who struggled last week, know what I know. But like anything in life, living in your setbacks and failures only keeps you set back. Whatever the conclusion of this challenge brings, I want to know that I didn’t let myself get stuck for too long. Let’s take some time for gratitude to see how far we have come.

The Recap

ikea wooden doors

painted pencil reed coffee table in carbon black by behr paint

black cabinet doors by ikea ivar

We have come a looooong way together. Thank you for sticking with me. Yesterday, I was able to get the console doors painted (see my highlights for the TRENCHES feed) as well as the coffee table. Right now there is a lot of black in this space (not unlike my dining room) but I will be adding a lot of warm tones and lighter tones to the space so that it doesn’t feel so heavy.

Week 6 Prep

For the sake of giving your eyes something to devour, I decided to flesh out the kind of artwork I would like on the walls. I started off with creating a Pinterest section for artwork I am interested in purchasing. Then, I slid it into my Spoak VIZI mood board and tried to see which ones work well together. I also through in some frames to see what styles would work best. Because everything is black, I want to minimize how many dark frames I use.

Spoak mood board with artwork and mirror

I have definitely been gravitating to fine art but also want to add some of my boys' artwork to the wall if it fits within the color palette. Now that I am satisfied with how this looks, my goal this week of the One Room Challenge (on top of finishing up painting) is too look for all of my decor pieces, whether they be in another room or at a thrift store.

One room challenge logo

Praying for a better more productive week.

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