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Ikea Console Bench Hack Reveal

Welcome to my first midweek post! Every Saturday I will post my project reveals before it gets posted on instagram the following Wednesday. Its a little extra treat that I am giving anyone who subscribes to the blog! Anyway, let's pick up where we left off.

After my first attempt of attaching the noodles onto the chair turned out to be less than desirable, I went bigger on the noodles (sorry Dollar Tree you are OUT), and sturdier on the fabric (my attempt to be Frauline Maria and make anything out of curtains FAILED). I also applied batting to the noodles before securing them to the bench.

I used two methods when getting the noodles in place. I hot glued them, then stapled the batting to the wood. In terms of the fabric design, I wanted something more Wearslter/Haring without the price tag. I used an acrylic paint mixed with a fabric paint medium so that the paint wouldn't feel crunchy on my fabric.

Then I applied the fabric on in 3 sections to reduce the wrinkles where I needed to bend the tubing. At the seams, I folded it in about 1/2 inch and then hot glued it in place so that it had clean look. I considered covering the end pieces with wood pieces, but decided to use the leftover foam to cover the end and gaps.

After the tubes and fabric where sewn in place I took the remaining fabric and hot glue and sewed a cover for the cushion. I ended up back at the fabric store for another yard of fabric to complete the cushion, but I was determined to finish this by Saturday for your viewing pleasure.

And here is the (semi) end result. I wanted to have the pattern done in time to post this, so I just need to go back and sew the cushion shut. Here is the extra cost I accrued to finish this portion.

Budget List

Fabric medium 6.50

Black acrylic paint .59 cents

1 yard of fabric $12

Grand Total $20

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