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Starting with a Blank Canvas | ORC Week 2

We are already into week two of the One Room Challenge and man do I feel unaccomplished! The boys were on spring break last week, so I didn't stress myself with completing any major tasks. I spent a lot of time researching items I wanted in the space as well as just preparing the space now the guest room is freed up once again for storage.

My first agenda item was to paint. Paint. PAAAAAINT. Because I didn't get started with it until yesterday, I am pushing myself today and tomorrow to get this room painted so that I can catch myself up after losing a whole week.

So after suiting up, I started painting the feature wall by the TV and the ceiling. I chose Behr's Muted Sage. Then I painted the other walls in Behr's Blank Canvas (now do you get the title eh eh?) At the end of each week, I thought it would be helpful to post my "ingredients list" and costs for each project of this challenge. For this part of the recipe I used:

1.5 Gal of Muted Sage - $66

1.0 Gal of Blank Canvas $33

3 Semi smooth paint rollers - $7

1 Semi rough paint roller - $4

3 Smooth rollers - $6

2 Paint pan liners - $3

Grand total for this step = $119

I will tally up everything at the end and give final cost of this challenge. There isn't much else to dialogue about because all I did was paint (and maybe have a mini photoshoot).

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